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Here, at Gold Bar Cleaners, we're all ears. Whatever your concern may be, we will address it to the best of our abilities in a timely and efficient manner. Read more about our specialties below:


If the symbol on your clothing label reads ‘P,’ you should dry clean. Sensitive materials like silks, wools, leathers, and suede require special care to ensure their longevity so don’t throw that cashmere sweater in the machine hoping that the 'delicates' cycle won’t pill it this time. Just add it to your dry cleaning and we promise to take great care of it.


Let us transform your dress shirts with our top of the line, industrial machines. No more collar and cuff stains, whiter whites, and a crisp, wrinkleless finish every time, guaranteed.


Do you own a business that requires frequent, quality cleaning of linens or table cloths? Or, are you spring cleaning and find yourself overwhelmed by households that need a more thorough cleaning? Please feel free to contact us so we can provide you with the services that you require.

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